AMBIENCE: WordPress Photo Challenge. The best place to be is always on the beach, sunlight reflecting through the water, the sound of waves and the feel of soft sand on your feet. This experience defines ambience for me.


An early morning ferry from Port Blair got us to one of the most beautiful islands I have ever seen, Havelock. We stayed in cozy cottages of the Wild Orchid Resort on beach number 5, Vijay Nagar Beach. There are tons of things to do on this tiny island and the 3 days we spent there were just not enough.

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DAY 1: We walked around the resort, unpacked and were on our way to see the once ranked best beach in Asia, Radhanagar Beach. We feasted on some delish chat and fruits just outside the beach before running into the clear water of the Indian Ocean. We stayed there to watch the sunset and then went to Barefoot Resort for a couple of drinks. We ended our night with an excellent dinner at Full Moon Cafe.

Fruit stall outside Radhanagar beach

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This is why Radhanagar has been the ranked the best beach in Asia & 7th best in the world

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DAY 2: Scuba diving, the moment we had all been waiting for since we started planning the trip. It is suggested to go as early as possible to avoid crowd underwater! The Andaman sea is packed with coral and diverse fish, the visibility depends on the time, we got low visibility because of ferries passing around us making the sand move. We did an hour long session at a nearby beach because of limited time but its best to try out Barefoot or Dive India. Try Fat Martins for lunch, we had pizzas and the coconut shake was incredible. Next we rented cycles opposite our hotel and went to Govind Nagar Beach for sunset. We spent the night listening to live music, dancing and sipping on tropical cocktails at Venom Bar, Symphony Palms Beach Resort.

Scuba location 

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Govind Nagar Beach

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DAY 3: I woke up at 4:45 am and cycled to Govind Nagar Beach to watch the 5:00 am sunrise. Walking around the beach and lazing on the hammocks, it was bliss. We had Elephant Beach planned for the day, since its usually inclusive in tour packages it gets over crowded, but keeping that aside the beach is a must-go. The white sand and blue waters overshadowed the crowd, swimming in the warm clear waters you just have to find your spot. There are plenty water sports to choose from but snorkeling is not to miss, go for the 20-30 minute session to really enjoy the experience. it was surprising to see the corals more clear than our dive on day 2. We went back to Havelock, had lunch at a nice arty place called Something Different and took the afternoon ferry back to Port Blair.

Watching the sunrise at Govind Nagar Beach

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Snorkeling at Elephant Beach

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The view from just outside Something Different, where we had lunch

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Some things to remember:

> The sun rises at 5 and sets at 5 so you have to be early wherever you go.

> The ferry drops you off at Beach number 1, book a cab with your hotel in advance to pick you up.

> Do not litter anywhere on the Island

> It is also illegal to pick up coral from the Island, the sometimes check at the airport. Do not buy shells or corals from shops without an authorized bill.


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