Jennifer’s 2017 Color Your World: BURNT ORANGE. Here’s my take on the color that paints Dubrovnik old town.

Having only day to explore Dubrovnik was never going to be enough and I knew that the second we entered Pile Gate, the entrance to the old town.Wasting no time, we covered a lot of things we had in mind.

WALKING THE WALLS We started our day by walking the town walls so that we could keep a note of the spots we wanted to explore later in the day. It does take a while but its worth completing the entire route for some stunning views of the sea and of the town. Get your camera ready for some amazing photo opportunities.






Little windows in the walls make great frames for photographs

To hydrate with some chilled beer on a hot day, we got off the second entrance and went to Buza Bar- its a little hard to find because the its literally through a hole in the wall. (you can re enter the walls with your ticket)

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Buza Bar

EXPLORE Get off the walls and just explore the narrow lanes and medieval architecture.Put your map away and wander or try finding those beautiful spots you saw from the walls. Whether a Game of Thrones fan or not, you will fall in love with this place.

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SHOP: There are some local boutiques but Dubrovnik is not exactly a shoppers paradise. We stocked up on some delicious chewy candies from the many candy shops. You will smell the candy when near the shops and I dare you to resist. Get your souvenirs and collectibles, specially if you are Game of Thrones fan.


CABLE CAR: After spending a day walking around the town we took a relaxing cable car ride up the SRD hill and watched the sunset fall upon the medieval town.


EAT: Like in every European town, I had to try the different flavors of ice creams, waffles, juices and shakes. A small restaurant called Olivia served us great pizzas. The atmosphere on the wide Placa street is great by late evening/night, there are tons of bars and cafes to relax after a day spent exploring.


Placa Street in the evening



Kayaking: While walking the walls we saw many kayaks in the sea but we were short on time and did not get to doing it, so if you are here for more than a day then it definitely looked fun (The kayak tours start from Pile Gate).

Day Trips from Dubrovnik: We took a day trip to Montenegro on the second day. Enjoy lunch in a another country and walk around the walled town of Kotor.

Places to see in Croatia: Hvar, Plitvice Lakes, Krka National Park




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