GETTING HERE: Hop onto an early morning ferry from Athens, Blue Star is recommended. You can also take a flight to the island.


STAY: Its best to stay in the Old Town area and preferably close to the bus stop. There are tons of hostels, hotels and apartments to choose from (Orpheas is a good option, since we were a group they gave us a separate apartment across the road). The party beaches also have camping and accommodation.

WANDER: Have you ever thought of throwing your map and getting lost? Mykonos Old Town is the perfect place to do so, with dreamy white and blue houses, narrow lanes, bougainvillea flowers and cats (you might even spot a pelican). Mornings are a good time for wandering, the lanes are quite and the lighting is perfect for photography. The iconic windmills are a good place to start, stroll down to Little Venice before you wander into the lanes. You can still hear some light music from clubs that go on a little post sunrise..




Tip: Finish an all night party, have some breakfast, get lost in the town and sleep all noon!

PARTY: Mykonos really knows how to party, be it day or night! And they claim to be better than Ibiza.

Kick start your afternoons with beach parties across the island, Tropicana is the most popular one and it is amazing. Get there post lunch and take a dip in the clear water while sipping a cocktail, once the party gets going join the crowd. (Spot the elephant thong in Tropicana!)

As the night falls, get ready to party hard. Be it concerts, beach clubs or even the popular clubs in the old town. Be sure to check out the Cavo Paradiso and Super Paradise Beach websites for upcoming events so that you can catch your favorite artists.



(There are party buses from the Old Town to party beaches and back, these start mid day and go on until early morning 6:00 am during season. )

For something more relaxed the old town is filled with chic bars to enjoy a couple of drinks or more with friends or family.


Night in the Old Town

FOOD: As a vegetarian the food can get a little monotonous here. There are tons of Italian restaurants to save the day when you can’t think of anything else.

Here are some recommendations:

Yummies served us some really nice and filling savory creps and the waffles here are just great!

Souvlaki Story for Souvlaki and other Greek fast food. The food was good and I have to mention their amazing staff

Pasta Fresca for some nice Italian fine dine, their front display is just so nice!

Happyo Frozen Yogurt for some delicious Greek froyo.

WATER ACTIVITIES: Head to Lia Beach, a more quiet beach away from the parties. Swim, snorkel or even try scuba with GoDive. It was my first dive and it felt like a dream! The instructors are really good, but for smaller groups (3-5 people). This beach is really nice spot to sun bathe and enjoy some food and drinks too.


Lia Beach


SAIL: Sunfos Alessia Yachting offers some nice day trips on private or semi private basis. Since I had gone for my bachelorette, they organised us a two night private yacht. We anchored in Paros one night and on Paradise Beach for the other. The captain was really sweet and the company had organised the trip well. The only downfall was bad weather on the second day which made us all sea sick. The best part about staying in a yacht? Sleeping on the deck and waking up to the ocean.


Beat this!


SHOP: Being a tourist destination, Mykonos is stuffed with souvenirs of all kinds. Look out for some Greek made goodies. There are some good local boutiques if you want to splurge. Shopping is a bit expensive here, and most of the shops are not ok with bargaining.



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