Hvar is a posh little island close to Split, known for its sundown parties, night life and also celebrity spoting. It is also popular as the sunniest town in the country, which makes it the perfect holiday destination for many tourists visiting Hvar. We got to the town by ferry on a sunny evening in June, the peak of lavender season. Stepping foot into the town, we were welcomed with the smell of the purple plant because of the many little street stalls selling lavender goodies.

Getting to Hvar

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Our stay at the Palace Hvar Hotel, just steps away from the port

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Room with a view


Soon after checking in we headed towards Hula Hula Bar, for one of the best sundown parties in the town! The walk there was time enough to get to know the place, you pass by some amazing hotels along the blue waters and secret spots to soak up all the sun.

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Join the party, but first take a dip in the sea with your favorite cocktail and attempt some split level photographs. This place is not to miss, one of the best sundowns I have ever seen. When the night falls, there are tons of bars and clubs to choose from. Carpe diem is a popular bar on the port, they also have mid night ferries to their club on an island nearby.

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The Hvar sunset


We woke up early next morning for our check out, we had some time to explore before we had to get onto the ferry back to Split. I loved the little market place selling fresh fruits and veg, the little art shops on every corner of the street, the open squares and the many steps leading to narrow lanes in the hilly town.

K Lavanda bar for some fresh juices in the morning



A nice spot just outside our hotel 

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The beautiful lanes of Hvar

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