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Sun rise on salt

The Rann of Kutch is infinity, endlessly white, empty but fulfilling- words will not do justice while describing this place. My eyes could see a white canvas, a complete white canvas which could be stared at for hours. The land was glowing when the sun rose and its orange was reflected on the salt crystals.

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Endless salt

The Rann of Kutch is a salt desert spread across 23,000 square kms and gets submerged under water during the monsoons.The most accessible way of viewing the Great Rann is from Dhordo village, located towards the north of Kutch.

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Land meets salt

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A white canvas

The mornings at the Great Rann are white washed and quite, displaying some of the best views I have ever experienced. As the evening approaches, a splash of colour is added to the scene with the pink setting sun, decorted camels and local musicians.

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An interesting documentary by the Discovery Channel: Revealed: Rann of Kutch

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