Uttarayan/ Makar Sankranti/ Kite flying festival is celebrated all over India on the 14th of Jan, it marks the end of winter and beginning of spring as the sun starts its journey upwards. Ahmedabad, in Gujarat is the best location to celebrate and experience Kite Flying Day.

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When I reached Ahmedabad from Mumbai, it was a foggy morning and the event did not kick start at its usual early hour, but it got better and better as the day went by.

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The time between evening to night was spectacular, and it was one of the best sun-down’s I have ever experienced.

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The most magical night followed with floating lanterns and fireworks setting the sky on fire.

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A little about Uttarayan

The festival is celebrated by kite flying and fighting which takes place all day as people gather on the rooftops of their houses. Patangs or fighter kites of all colours are seen trying to make their way to the sky, the string used to fly these kites are called manjha which are usually coated with powdered glass making them extremely sharp and easier to cut other kites to make their way to the top. This usually takes place all day up to sunset, after which kandils (lanterns) are lit and attached to kites forming strings of light. Kandils are now beginning to be replaced by Chinese lanterns are they are easier to use and does not require special skills.

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