Murano is a series of islands about 1.5kms from Venice. The island is popular for its glass works and extremely skilled craftsmen.


From Venice to Murano


We (my family) booked a private water taxi from our hotel in Venice to Murano. We were dropped directly outside a warehouse where craftsmen were holding live demonstrations of glass blowing, this demo should not be missed. They showed us the making of various objects and techniques from scratch.


The demonstration


A glass horse



Later our guide showed us around the main showroom which featured many glass artists from Murano. The guide himself was one of the artists and it was a really good experience to know his insights. The showroom was huge and divided into many rooms, each having their identity- from fine art to functional glass ware. Photography is not allowed in the showrooms.

DSC_1011  DSC_1013

Since our flight left that afternoon we had to leave early but I would have loved to explore the island some more.

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