Radio City Tower

Whenever I have a limited amount of time in a city- I try to make it to the top, it gives me a feeling of satisfaction. I love seeing different skylines of cities. So my first stop at Liverpool was the Radio City Tower which is immediately visible as you step out of the train station.

liverpool skyline


Walker Art Gallery

The Walker Art Gallery is a massive neo-classical structure which in itself is a beauty. The gallery is home to the biggest art collection in England- outside London and has some brilliant work dating back to the 13th century.

walker art gallery  IMG_6093 (2)



Quick brunch at Rococo

Rococo is an independent coffee house in a historic building on Lord Street, the only one that was not destroyed in the 1940 war. The arty Gothic building has been an office warehouse, gentleman’s club/ restaurant and a radio station for over 100 years before Rococo moved in. Its feels like home because of its cozy interiors, many rooms and fresh food.



The walk from Rococo to Albert Dock has shops everywhere, literally. Liverpool is ranked as one of the best places to shop in England too, so why miss the opportunity! We were quick and covered many places- Lord Street, the Central BID, Liverpool One and so on.. it was basically a great experience to shop because of the open spaces and the fusion of historic and modern buildings.

Tate Modern

The Tate Modern in Liverpool is one of my favorite museums in UK. Firstly it has a beautiful location by the dock, it also has an amazing collection. The piece that inspired me the most was Mary Martin’s – Inversions, the guard also explained to me how it was made when he saw me wandering around it for a while.


Mary Martin’s- Inversions



Museum entrance





Albert Dock

We walked around the very stunning Albert Dock in the evening, ate a burrito and RAN for our train back to Chester- where we were spending our Easter break. After spending a day here, I have decided that Liverpool is one of my top favorite cities in UK.



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