The beautiful pink city is a food paradise! Here are some of my favorite places to eat and drink in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

STREET FOOD (obviously!)

Its a delight to feast on streets while taking a break from shopping in walled Pink City area of Jaipur. Try the endless varieties of Kachori’s, curry chilli bhajiyas, samosas, potato patties etc. You can go to the popular LMB if you want a sit down meal of the same food. Go to Lassiwalla, a small shop on MI road in the Pink City. You can have sweet/ salty lassi (buttermilk), served in traditional clay pots for that earthy flavor. Enjoy a think layer of malai (cream) on your drink!  Get there early as they often run out by evening.

The famous kachoris, the delicious lassi and a peanut stall for a snack stop

The channa jor (flattened chick pea chat) on the streets of Johri Bazaar is to die for..


For an authentic taste of Rajasthani cuisine and culture there is no place better than Chawki Dani. They serve thalli dinner and you can get to taste the famous ‘daal baati choorma’ here. They also have camel/ elephant rides, henna stalls, puppet shows, dance performances and a big handicraft shopping area, along with several other activities. 5 or 6 pm is a good time to get here and take in all the culture before dinner.

Spice Court is another place in the city where you can try the Rajasthani cuisine and is famous for its ‘laal maas’ or red meat. If you prefer vegetarian, their ‘Spice Court Gatta’ is delicious. The place it self has a good ambiance and outdoor seating and they occasionally have folk performances.

The seating and food at Chawki Dani

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Steam, located in the Rambagh Palace is an old train (actual) refurbished on the inside and turned into a luxurious restaurant, you can choose to sit inside the train or by the artificially made station platform. It is a great place to hangout over a few drinks at night and the pizzas here are fantastic!

Bar Palladio is another fabulous fine dine serving Italian, the place is done up so well that its guaranteed that anyone who enters this place will fall in love with it.

Some pictures of steam

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The beautiful Bar Palladio



The cafe culture in Jaipur is on the rise, there are many good ones but here are a few that I can visit over and over again!

Anokhi Cafe is my absolute favorite place in Jaipur, the food is excellent! Its a small cafe adjoining the Anokhi store (you have to visit to buy the prettiest Jaipuri hand block printed outfits and home textiles.) You might have to wait for a table here but its worth the wait!

Situated next to a park with shabby chic interiors is this quirky rooftop cafe cafe called Tapri. Being a rooftop the best time to go here is at the sunset hour, busy with happy people. The food and ‘chai’ (tea selection) here is really good.

On The House and Cafe Bae are also good options specially for breakfast and lunch.


The best nightlife spots in Jaipur are located in hotel rooftops- Blackout, F Bar, Tablu are a few good ones, but there are many more to choose from.

Happy eating!




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